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[en] FML/VDM HD available in the webOS application catalog

There it is! FML HD, the dedicated FML client for the HP Touchpad is available in the application catalog.

If you are reading this from your Touchpad, just click on this link and the webOS application catalog will open so that you can buy the application:

Alternatively, you can open the application catalog, and search for “FML”, or browse the “entertainment” category of the catalog.

Make sure you review the description in the application catalog to find out if FML suits your needs.

Many additions and enhancements are planned – get ready for even more fun!

To find out more about the features of FML HD, check this other article:

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[fr] VDM HD pour HP webOS Touchpad a été soumis !

Elle arrive ! J’ai enfin pu soumettre l’application VDM HD pour le Touchpad d’HP sous webOS dans le store HP. Vous allez, comme moi, pouvoir lire vos VDMs sur votre Touchpad et passer plein de temps avec ces drôles d’histoires…

En savoir plus:


VDM sur tablette webOS Touchpad






[en] FML HD for HP webOS Touchpad submitted!


It’s coming! I finally was able to submit FML HD, the HP webOS application for Touchpad to the HP app store. You will soon be able to enjoy as an application on your Touchpad, and have lots and lots of fun.

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